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Linda Billings: Paradise Found

Paradise Found

It’s paradise. That’s how Linda Billings describes her new home in Sarasota, Fla. Most days you’ll find this Virginia transplant out walking along the beach, attending a fitness class, meeting up with friends, and yes, still working part time.

At 68, Linda doesn’t want to give up what she loves to do: write about astrobiology for NASA. “I find it endlessly interesting and challenging work, but I just don’t want to do it full time anymore,” she says.

Smart Strategies

Thanks to the strategies she’s put in place for her retirement, with the help of insurance professional Rose Gentile, Linda doesn’t have to work. As part of the planning they did, Linda purchased several annuities, which now cover 100% of her current and anticipated monthly expenses.

“Rose offered options,” says Linda. “And what appealed to me about annuities was their security and dependability.” In addition, she says that as a single woman, there’s comfort knowing she’ll have a guaranteed income stream for life.

And Rose agrees with that analysis:

“Linda is a conservative investor. She knows a lot about astrobiology, but relied on me to give her the peace of mind about not running out of money in retirement, and annuities have helped her accomplish that.” “What appealed to me about annuities was their security and dependability.” Having that peace of mind means that Linda can enjoy her retirement her way. “I don’t worry when I get into bed. I don’t fret about my financial situation anymore,” says Linda. “How many people headed for retirement are able to say that?”