You've taken the first step towards something great!  We're looking forward to chatting with you. We would like you to be as prepared as possible, so please take a little time to review everything below.  You will get a little more information on why we do what we do and how.


Over 60% of America has no form of life insurance. Nearly 40% of those who do don't have the right plan or enough coverage.  Our mission is to protect America.  We have set ourselves up to be able to cover anyone regardless of their medical history, and we can keep it affordable.  We work in several areas of protection; Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, Key Person, Advance Markets - IUL & Annuities, Living Benefits, and much more.


Mortgage Protection with Living Benefits is our bread and butter.  Our plans have allowed folks to use their policy without having to pass away.  That's right: life insurance you can use without having to die.  We're not talking about using the cash value in a whole life policy.  We can offer Living Benefits with term life, and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  Check out the video to gain a better understanding.

It's pretty amazing what our solutions can do for our clients.   We are looking to partner with sales professionals that enjoy working with people and who enjoy helping people.  That's the business we're in.  We respond to our consumer's request for more information on our solutions.  WE DO NOT COLD CALL NOR DO WE PROSPECT COLD MARKETS.  Our parent company spends millions of dollars annually to ensure our marketing is 1st class.


The type of person we look for is someone who exudes our core values:


Attitude, Respect, Ownership, Relationships, Toughness, & Humility.  


We know what it takes to be successful in our space so we never compromise when it comes to a candidate. Watch the video below to understand what we're talking about.  

Our full-time agents work about 32 hours a week and earn, on average, $3,500 or more in those 32 hours.  Our part-time agents average $1,500 a week on about 15 hours.  The average commission per sale is $580.  That is why our agents can make a full-time income in a fraction of the time they used to.  If you're a good fit, we would love to show you how to do the same.  

We look forward to our chat.