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Living benefits

Living benefits are one of the newest additions to boring old life insurance. Living benefits allow you to access your life insurance benefit without having to pass away.

Mortgage Protection

There truly is no place like home. But what happens when life happens. What happens if we become ill, disabled, or if we lose our life? Will our family be able to afford to call our house, home?



An annuity can be used to save for retirement, preserve funds already saved for retirement and to provide a steady stream of income during retirement.

Final Expense

It’s expensive to die. We have affordable policies to cover your final expenses so your loved ones do not take on the financial burden when you pass away.

College Funding

One of the biggest concerns related to new generations of people is the rapidly rising cost of a college education.


MSWright Corp offers 20 years experience in the ever-changing Consumer Finance Arena. We use that expertise to find ideal solutions for clients seeking Mortgage Protection, Retirement Income Planning, Final Expense Insurance, Life Insurance, Living Benefits, and College Funding. MSWright Corp informs its clients about industry trends & improvements, so they are empowered with the best possible solution to protect their family. We find clients prefer options that safeguard their assets -- we provide exactly that. We believe in good old fashion face-to-face service where we can get to know our clients. Our mission is to deliver affordable, tailor-made solutions that offer "best in class" service.

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